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As CAES and UGA Extension's in-house creative marketing agency, our team works with you to create comprehensive marketing and communications initiatives that tell engaging, dynamic stories. As UGA's second largest communications team, we provide resources and assistance to CAES and UGA Extension administration, faculty and staff in advertising campaigns, graphic design, logo usage, brand management, marketing and promotional materials, video production, media relations, news stories, publications, social media, digital content and editing.
Award-winning campaigns
Almanac: 2023 Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) Georgia Phoenix Award for Magazines, 2023 Association for Communication Excellence (ACE) Gold Award, 2023 ACE Outstanding Professional Skill Award, 2023 National Agriculture Alumni Development Association (NAADA) First-Place College Magazine, 2024 Council for Advancement & Support of Education Gold Award for Best Alumni/General Magazine, and 2024 Association for Communication Excellence (ACE) Silver Award for Magazines and Periodicals

Cultivate: 2022 Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) Georgia Award of Excellence and 2023 National Agricultural Alumni Development Association (NAADA) First-Place Website

Cultivating Curiosity Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) Georgia Award of Excellence for Podcasts

"Field to Jar" Series: 2024 Association for Communication Excellence (ACE) Gold Award for Digital Campaign

Joro Spiders Cloak North Georgia in Their Webs (2022): ACE Media Relations Campaign Bronze Award Winner

UGA College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Brand Anthem Video (2022): ACE Electronic Media Gold Award Winner

Latest CAES News:

Poison ivy in a forested area. CAES News
Detect and protect: Expert tips to identify and control poison ivy
Poison ivy is a common poisonous plant in Georgia and is infamous for causing allergic reactions for as many as 50 million Americans annually. To manage it effectively and safely, it's important to understand its traits and use the right control methods to deal with this troublesome plant. Mark Czarnota, an associate professor in the University of Georgia Department of Horticulture, provides helpful tips to distinguish poison ivy from common look-alikes and shares several ways to control the irritating plant.
40 Under 40 CAES News
UGA announces 40 Under 40 Class of 2024
The University of Georgia has unveiled the 40 Under 40 Class of 2024, a group of young alumni that includes a deputy national intelligence officer, a senior entertainment writer for Variety, an AI innovator at Microsoft, and more. The 40 Under 40 program celebrates the personal, professional and philanthropic achievements of successful UGA graduates under the age of 40. The latest cohort of young alumni leading the pack includes College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences graduates Chris Chammoun and Tiffany Woods.
The Asian tiger mosquito has been recognized among the world's top 100 worst invaders according to the Global Invasive Species Database. It has an aggressive daytime human-biting behavior and can vector many viruses, including dengue fever and West Nile virus. CAES News
Help prevent the spread of dengue fever
As overnight temperatures increase during the summer, so do mosquito populations, bringing with them the risk of mosquito-borne diseases. In late June, the Centers for Disease Control warned that the U.S. is seeing an increased risk of dengue fever, a sometimes fatal viral disease transmitted by mosquitoes. This disease has been across much of South and Central America and the Caribbean, and with about 1,500 cases, the U.S. Commonwealth of Puerto Rico has declared a public health emergency over dengue.