Managing Accounts

Who should manage social media accounts?

The best person will be someone in your office/group who's in charge of communicating with the public in other ways (by phone, in person, through newsletters, etc.). A reliable volunteer under the supervision of a college employee may also be an option. The person you choose should:

  • Have good communication skills (includes grammar!)
  • Understand your goals and mission
  • Be familiar with CAES and UGA social media policies
  • Be familiar with the audience
  • Have the knowledge and authority to represent the organization
  • Have the time and knowledge to use the tools

You should have more than one person who has administrative access to your account(s) so that access can be maintained long-term. Also, try to appoint a team lead who will coordinate the strategy and stay in touch with the CAES Social Media Team.

Are there guidelines to follow?

Yes. You should read both the CAES policies and UGA guidelines. In general, the UGA guidelines supersede those of the college. Here is a quick overview:

  • Before creating any pages or accounts to conduct university business, secure the approval of the CAES Social Media Team.
  • Keep event information for minors/4-H secured.
  • Post quality content regularly, but don't over update.
  • Monitor comments and respond promptly. Social media is not a one-way broadcast.
  • Keep the goals of building and strengthening relationships and promoting the college in mind.
  • It is not recommended to run contests or promotions that result in prizes on your account.
  • Understand copyright and fair use laws.
  • Use common sense and a professional tone. Take responsibility for what you say.
  • Get help from OMC if you are unsure or confused.
  • Be accurate. If you do make an error, correct it quickly and visibly (deleting the original post is discouraged).
  • Don't act as an "expert." When possible, link to the original source.
  • Don't post sensitive information or information that isn't a matter of public record.
  • Don't post about personal opinions, non-college related issues or unrelated promotions.