Multimedia can be used to engage new audiences, educate, promote programs and services, show behind the scenes, share news, demonstrate processes, record events and more.

How does OMC support audio/video?

We provide:

  • Equipment and software recommendations
  • Consultation on video recording
  • Consultation, recommendations, and/or publishing for Web delivery
  • In-house filming/editing video for select projects
  • Outsourcing video projects to local creative firms
  • Outsourcing video projects for transcription and captioning
  • Limited in-house captioning

View the Center for Teaching and Learning's website for help with closed captioning

How do I get started?

General consultation on multimedia projects

OMC can help you determine a solution for your multimedia project and get you started with the right resources. Our office is available to film, edit, transcribe and caption select videos, and to consult with you if you're producing your own video. Contact OMC to discuss your ideas.

Consultation on captioning and meeting accessibility requirements

Educational and instructional videos posted online must have federally required captions, text-transcript, and descriptive text. OMC can help guide you through this process, and in some cases, facilitate and produce captions for you. Contact OMC for initial instructions and to learn more about this service.

Consultation on social media channels

YouTube may not always be the best or only option for sharing your video. Videos can be uploaded directly to Facebook and can be seen by a wider audience when uploaded to Facebook, YouTube and/or other social media platforms. OMC can help you determine where to upload your video(s) in order to get the most engagement and viewership. Contact OMC for initial instructions and to learn more about this service.