Brand Management

Visual Identity

OMC manages and provides branding material for both the college and UGA Extension. The CAES and UGA Extension brands (names, text, logos) are valuable, intangible assets. Management of these brands also requires compliance with UGA standards and policies. Consistent branding serves to:

  • Communicate the character and reputation of an institution
  • Unify the communications of an organization
  • Facilitate instant recognition of a well-known presence

One key to successful branding and the cornerstone of any visual identity program is an institution's logo. A consistently applied visual identity program is a proven means of creating an easily recognized and remembered brand for any organization.


  • Logo – the core identifier of an organization. It is a tool to build an identity for an organization that helps communicate and represent a brand. It is the most consistent component in an organization’s communications.
  • Wordmark – a distinct text-only typographic treatment of the name(s) of an organization or institution used for identity and branding.
  • Configuration – a graphic representation that includes logo elements and unit identifier(s) arranged in a specific manner to show hierarchy, purpose or priority.

Trademarks and use of UGA logos

The use of any registered University of Georgia logo or trademark requires prior approval. All marks must be used in their original form and may not be altered in any way. For more information, please consult the UGA trademarks policy. The use of athletic marks (like the "Super G") is subject to approval from the athletic association.

Use of university trademarks on any promotional items, merchandise or apparel is subject to compliance review. Externally paid advertisements also require review.

Submit a project proposal

To initiate a project with OMC, please fill out our request form to help us get a better idea of your needs and assign appropriate staff if we can accommodate your request.

Project request form

Items requiring approval

Trademark approval on the following (and similar) items for internal CAES units must be submitted to OMC for approval:

  • catalogs,
  • magazines,
  • annual reports,
  • newsletters,
  • brochures,
  • posters,
  • folders,
  • invitations,
  • cards,
  • event signage,
  • banners
  • table tents, and
  • tablecloths.

All other promotional products and advertisements must be approved by the Office of Trademarks and Licensing.

Trademarks Process

  1. Select vendor to produce promotional item/merchandise/apparel from an approved, Fermata licensed vendor. County offices or research centers off campus may appeal to use a local vendor but must still follow the approval process. Please note this on the request form.
  2. Secure art proofs for review. If the vendor cannot provide an art proof for review, images of the promotional item along with a description indicating where/how the mark is to be used will suffice.
  3. Complete the trademark approval form in full and send along with an art proof to for compliance review and approval.
  4. The request will be reviewed using the following criteria: Usage of licensed vendor(s); Marks are not altered, obscured or distorted in any way and are displayed with correct registration designations; and Context of usage is in accordance with Board of Regents and university policies. Any submitted artwork that includes usage of any athletic mark will be reviewed by the UGAA in accordance with their policies governing trademark use.
  5. Requestors will be notified by email of whether their requested use has been approved or denied.